01. nov 2021
Meet the expert
2 season
16 episode

Meet the Expert sæson 2 episode 16

Episode 16 af Meet the Expert sæson 2 er nu tilgængelig

Gå ind på Anchor.fm/pig-production eller klik på den nedenstående episode og lyt til svinedyrlæge Zygmunt Pejsak, som fortæller om «African swine fever: Spreading in Europe through wild boar».

Episode 16 (sæson 2):

As the Head of the Department of Swine Diseases at the National Veterinary Research Institute until his retirement, Professor Zygmunt Pejsak in Poland played a central role in the country's battle against African swine fever. In conversation with journalist Peter Best, he discusses how the ASF virus has travelled from East to West in European wild boar populations and the possibilities for its further spread.

The direction of wild boar movement in general is to the Western territories...it means from Russia to Belarus, from Belarus to Poland, from Poland to Germany and probably will be from Germany to France

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